Day 41-47

Hello! What have you been upto over the last week? I thought I would share with you the last 7 days of my #100happydays project.

On Day 41 I headed into Edinburgh because I had a few things to get as well as attend some social commitments. After meeting with a friend for coffee in the morning, some shopping and meeting another friend for coffee, I headed to SYGN for a catch up and some good old cocktails with Francesca. SYGN is this beautiful and trendy cocktail bar just off Charlotte’s Square in Edinburgh where you’ll find a mix of young professionals, couples, besties and some pretty snazzy cocktails shakers. I like the atmosphere, it’s somewhere I could sit and enjoy for a long time. Not to mention the cocktails are lovely, and if you’re looking for something a little on the cheap side they do a £5 selection too! Here’s another photo I took that evening.


Day 42 brought me happiness because I’d almost forgotten about them! Not intentionally though, there has been a lot of other slightly more pressing things taking up residence in my mind recently and these got pushed to the bottom of the list. For my birthday I decided I was going to design myself a pair of converse with some birthday money I had received. I created this beautifully flamed orange pair that clash in the most amazing way and I love them. They arrived in the post and it was such a nice surprise. I like little surprises.


Having a lot on my mind has become a theme of 2014, and especially Day 43. I’ve been working hard to try and undertake different techniques to relax my mind and be less stressed. Ultimately I can’t control what is happening and that’s the hardest part so sometimes I need to remind myself of my new mantra.


I adore reading about photography. It’s always enjoyable learning about something you love, one of my favourite books is Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig, he writes in a way that I find so easy to follow. He presents questions and challenges that give me this rush of excitement to explore. On Day 44 I spent the morning absorbed in this book, I really enjoyed it even though I’ve read it quite a few times before.


When was the last time you stood and took in sunset or sunrise? I don’t mean having been present whilst sunset was happening, but actually stood and appreciated it? I haven’t in a long time, so to have a moment when I could just take it all in was good. Standing back and just appreciating life is important.


For the first time in weeks I was able to join the running club on their Tuesday evening (Day 46) run. I joined the running club a year ago today with their ’10 weeks to 5k’ programme and then continued with their intermediates group. It took a while to actually enjoy running and to see the benefits, but I’m so pleased I stuck with it as unlike anything else it gives me the best natural high and is fantastic for clearing my head. Even though I have days where I’m not feeling overly motivated I don’t think I could give up. It makes me body feel so good and look good. On this particular run the evening sun was shining and we ran up this incredibly difficult hill. I couldn’t run the whole way but kept trying little snippets. By the time I reached the top my legs felt like jelly, but seeing the top and views of the town were so relieving that I had to take a photo. Happiness came from the hard work this day.


Day 47 is a little bit of a soppy one again. I was speaking with one of my friends and after hearing her excellently happy news it made me appreciate all my friends. I’ve said it before on here but I really am so lucky to have amazing and supportive friends in my life, and whilst we move through new chapters at a different pace than we did when we were younger, it’s good to know that they are always around.


I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through this challenge! Have you been doing the #100happydays project? Go and have a look at what it’s all about, because it’s certainly worth it. Appreciating happiness is important, and it can come from the littlest of places or gestures.

- Ellie x


Day 37, 38, 39 & 40

Hello! If you follow my instagram you’ll have noticed I got a little confused with my days and posted Day 38 twice. Oh Ellie.

Day 37 was Sunday. I think what I’ve made clear to myself as this project has gone on is that it’s not that I’m unhappy until there is a point where I find something/do something/speak to someone etc that brings me happiness it’s just that these little moments bring me more joy than I was perhaps feeling before and that’s nice to realise. Reading in bed is something I immensely enjoy and it brings me an awful lot of happiness to go into someone else’s world for a while. I love stories. I’m currently reading two books, and managing to do so because they are wildly different; one is fact: Thinking Fast and Slow, whilst the other: About a Girl is fiction.


On Day 38 I was doing some teaching in the evening which was centered around light, and of course had to take this gorgeous photo because in that moment during sunset I felt happy. Relieved perhaps too, but happy because I was doing something I really enjoyed and the people I was teaching seemed to really be enjoying themselves too. There’s no better feeling than to bring happiness to others.I really like this picture too.


I can’t seem to update my iphone to the next IOS. Why, you may wonder? Because I don’t have enough space to. So I’ve been deleting photos and moving some to my computer and just generally trying to do a clear out. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now and as you can see I’ve been taking more pictures and deleting less. Funny that. Whilst I was scrolling through my photos I came across a photo of a friend I visited in Budapest last year. This face just sums him up and in that moment made me realise how happy I am to have friends around the world and no matter how far away we are from one another we remain friends. Friendship knows no distance.


Day 40 is Cheese, literally. I love Brie. Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, Mozzarella; those are my favourites. So today when I was passing the deli counter with all the gorgeous cheeses and this brie was staring up at me I had to get it. And I’m so glad I did because it was wonderful and ripe and just tasted amazing. I’m glad I have that to feast on over the next few days! It’s the little things and luxuries like being able to buy lovely cheese that I am grateful for.


I hope you’re still enjoying my #100happydays project and little updates!

- Ellie x

Day 34, 35 & 36

On Thursday, Day 34, I took myself up to Edinburgh to pick up some things from Topshop (I’ll share soon!) and to meet my friend for lunch. We decided to go to All Bar One because I really love the way they make mojitos. It is absolutely one of my favourite cocktails, and since we both had the day off and were having a late celebration for my birthday I also threw in some bubbles! If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen some of the photos I posted from our little date. I had grilled halloumi. It was amazing! I don’t see this guy enough, even though he’s only an hour away we both lead pretty crazy lives. He is honestly the best for a good deep chat and sometimes you just need talk about life, have a few drinks and enjoy the song.


Day 35 was a long’un. Or at least it felt like it for me. Everytime I felt like I was finished something cropped up that I had to attend to. So returning home to find ELLE had arrived for me and was patiently waiting was lovely. Rita Ora on the cover looks beautiful and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into her interview. I like the interviews in ELLE. I like the columns. I just like the way it’s put together. I often read it in chunks. Does anyone else do that? Sometimes I can sit and read the whole magazine in one sitting, but generally I like to read something and let my brain process it and move on. Everyone’s different though, uniquely so.


In life and on this blog I talk about music and songs, a lot. An awful lot. I am hugely inspired by music and artists and lyrics and melodies and the whole shebang. I’m not sure why I find music so inspiring but I do. A lot of my idols are singers, primarily because I find them empowering. Not that I want to be like them, they just seem to inspire me to be the best version of myself and I like that. For most of today, the last few days, and whilst writing this blog post I have been listening to Free by Rudimental ft Emeli Sande. I really like the song. Anyway, I was watching them perform on Hootenanny with Jules Holland and Emeli Sande is just completely giving the performance her all and I find that really empowering. It just brought a smile to my face and has instantly lifted my mood. So for Day 36 this is my #100happydays challenge photo. Yes.


I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and if anyone else is doing the #100happydays challenge leave me a link in the comments so I can have a look at yours!

-  Ellie x

Day 32 & 33

I started my #100happydays challenge at the beginning of March, and now it’s April. April. A whole month of happy moments! Looking back over them it’s really lovely actually, little snapshots of happiness and it has made me really happy that I started this project.

This photo is of one of my best friends in the entire world. He travels the entire world so we don’t get to speak much, but he often sends me lovely selfies and seeing his face just makes me smile. And I can’t stop smiling. I love friends like that. A beautiful happy moment for Day 32.


Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. I like this quote, I was reminded today that I’m incredibly fortunate to have many people believe in me and my dreams. I’m ever so grateful for that and that brings me great happiness, today and all days. I sometimes have to give myself a little nudge to also remember to believe in myself. Never never never give up.


- Ellie x

Day 31


Has everyone seen this film? About Time by Richards Curtis. Probably up there with my favourite rom-coms of all time. It’s just everything; the characters, the storyline, the messages. I finished work early today and sat down with my Mum and sister and didn’t stop smiling from start to finish. So many good feels for a Monday.


- Ellie x

Day 27, 28, 29 & 30

Isn’t time the one thing that everyone wishes they had more of? I wish I had more time to do this, that and the next thing. Others argue it’s all about your organisation and some point out it’s about priorities. Personally I think losing an hour in the day can really throw you off. I’m looking at the clock as I write this post thinking how on earth can it be that time already? I honestly felt behind the whole day, it was such a strange feeling.

I’d doing this little Sunday catch-up sesh because I have had a really busy few days. 25 has been cracking so far, but a busy one at that. My Birthday, as I’ve mentioned, was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better day in any way shape or form. When I finished job on the 27th I came in, made myself coffee and really thought about how lucky I had been. Sitting there just enjoying being around my family was a happy moment. Also, I really love these trousers!


Day 28 was also a carry on from my birthday and a little self indulgent. I’ve been saving up money for ages, trying to be incredibly frugal. Incredibly. Of course this doesn’t mean I can’t window shop make wishlists that are longer than my arms. So when my brother gave me a Topshop gift card for my birthday, I happily sat down and decided that with the help of this wonderful gift card I would get just a few things that I really loved. That feeling of treating yourself when you usually don’t is really nice. Thanks Brother!


Day 29 was another day where there were multiple happiness moments, so picking just one was really rather hard. Sometimes when that happens you just want a montage of the whole day. So although this photo below is what I chose to be my happiness photo, I feel lucky enough to say there were many to choose from that day. The reason I chose this picture, is because well it’s a bit unbelievable really. Back in 2011 I worked in New York for the Summer and made some really wonderful, inspiring, beautiful and amazing friends – a lot of whom I’m still in touch with today. But there was one I lost touch with and my heart was always a little sad about that one. Well you can imagine my utter surprise and amazement when she got in touch the other day saying she would be in my neighbourhood soon and did I want to catch up. OF COURSE! I honestly can’t wait to hear all about her life and adventures. It’s one of those moments where you also believe that there are people who should be in your life.


I’m sorry if this blog post has been a little wordy. I’ll try better to upload my #100happydays challenges much more regularly. I do hope however that it has given you some solace to your Monday morning commute/lunch time read if that’s when you happen to be spying through picturesandpennythoughts. My last photo is Day 30. Mother’s Day is something we celebrate with our Mum but not overly so, because she doesn’t like the commercialisation of the day so we usually try and do something as a family. Today we had brunch, picked some daffodils from the garden and presented Mum with her favourite wine. And I drew a card. Because aren’t homemade cards the best kind?! Whatever you did to celebrate all it comes down to at the end of the day is love and appreciation.


I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little sneak peek into my life again!

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- Ellie x


Day 26. Birthday.


Happy Day 26! How gorgeous is my birthday cake? My Mum made it, she has some seriously amazing cake baking and decorating skills. One day I would like to be this amazing at making cakes. Oh, did I mention it was red velvet? It’s red velvet. My favourite kind of cake! It was such an unexpected surprise because I’d hinted at liking to have an Owl cake and Mum wasn’t in to the idea at all so I didn’t think it was going to happen.

My whole day has just been absolutely wonderous and it was sunny too! Warm sunny! It has snowed in the past on my birthday. In fact, for my 21st I had a cocktail party and I distinctly remember my friends having to wear big boots and wellies to get to my house. Oh weather you crazy.

I’ve always loved my birthday and today was no exception, I was spoilt rotten with love. In my mind I’ve hit another little milestone and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my adventure to begin! #100happydays

- Ellie x